Asset Tracking RFID Solutions for Real-Time, Automated Business Management

Fluensee AssetTrack™ is a proven, cost-effective RFID-enabled software solution that allows companies to significantly improve the visibility, security and utilization of their physical assets. Knowing where your assets are and when they move, helps you gain more control and streamline your operations.

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How AssetTrack automates business

Unlike some asset management software, AssetTrack can be integrated seamlessly with your existing business applications and IT infrastructure to provide comprehensive and current information about the location, status and condition of your assets.

AssetTrack is 100% browser-based and allows users to view enterprise assets located across multiple locations. Leveraging RFID technology, AssetTrack gives you real-time visibility of your assets and allows you to automate the business processes associated with asset lifecycles. Automating the management of physical assets saves your organization labor, time and money. AssetTrack is not dependent upon RFID - you can also choose other automatic identification technologies like GPS, barcodes and sensors to enable AssetTrack.

Fluensee AssetTrack Features

  • Management dashboard - allows users to personalize the way they monitor and track asset movements.
  • Hardware-agnostic - captures data from any type of RFID, GPS, barcode or sensor technology from any manufacturer (simultaneously).
  • Alerts - triggers exception-based alerts via email or text and can issue visual warnings to deter theft or unauthorized moves.
  • Check-in / Check-out - helps users assign and share assets, and automate the process of identifying inbound/outbound asset movement from controlled locations.
  • Reports - provides built-in business intelligence and analytic tools to create standard, customized or ad hoc reports of asset location, usage, movement history, assignee and more.
  • Mobile inventory - allows the use of mobile handhelds to take inventory stock, locate specific assets, perform cycle counts, or check assets in/out of a location. Extend your fixed RFID infrastructure and take asset inventory "in the field" as needed.
  • "1-Click" real-time asset inventory - lets you view the status of assets right now with one click from your desktop.
  • Google Maps integration - shows real-world view of asset movement via Google Maps and other third-party graphical representations.

Fluensee AssetTrack Benefits

  • Quickly locate critical equipment when it's needed an avoid purchasing new, redundant assets
  • Maintain more accurate physical inventories with less manual labor (labor savings can be reduced by 90%)
  • Cut inventory costs by 50%
  • Comply with various regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley
  • Reduce shrinkage and lost assets
  • Improve security for critical assets
  • Improve the capital expenditure process
  • Increase productivity with automated business processes
  • Increase the utilization of the assets (30-70% on average)
  • Simplify audits

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